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Fixing Apple TV Remotes with Syndicate Design

I had an opportunity to fly home to Louisville, KY this past week to work on a couple photo projects with my good friends at Syndicate Design. Zach at Syndicate is deep into designing a sleek wooden case for the Apple TV remotes. Having gone through several of the tiny remotes over the years, it’s a problem worth fixing! Here are some images of Zach hard at work and some product photos for use on their website.

Shot on Film - May 2019

May was a busy month. We had family visiting and took a spontaneous trip to Yosemite (the best national park in all of America). I continued to photograph around on the streets as I very slowly hone in a style I like.

June so far has been too busy of a month to get out and shoot. I hope to do some more shooting on the back end of this month, but we will see.

These were all shot on a Leica M3 with a Voigtlander 40mm with Ilford HP5 and Portra 400. It was developed and scanned by the masters at State Film Lab.

Marie Brennan - Creative Space

Last month I had the honor of photographing painter and tattoo artist Marie Brennan in her beautiful Oakland studio. Marie’s fine art and tattoo work are breathtaking and gorgeous. We did a couple portraits and some shots of her working on a new piece. She is inspired by nature and the beauty of this earth.

See her work here: http://www.mariebrennanart.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mariebrennanart/

Kentucky Craftsman - Ben Aroh

Known for his wooden state key holders, Ben Aroh's love for his craft is shown through his meticulous skill and design. Check out his website here: The Wooden States. I love doing personal shoots like this as there is no stress to get a certain image just room for creativity and experimenting. We photographed in the warm cozy woodshop owned by Ben's uncle in Louisville, KY. Most of these images were shot with a mix of natural light and gelled (CTO) strobe light.

We did a small handful of portraits and several images of him working his craft.

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