street photography

Shot on Film - May 2019

May was a busy month. We had family visiting and took a spontaneous trip to Yosemite (the best national park in all of America). I continued to photograph around on the streets as I very slowly hone in a style I like.

June so far has been too busy of a month to get out and shoot. I hope to do some more shooting on the back end of this month, but we will see.

These were all shot on a Leica M3 with a Voigtlander 40mm with Ilford HP5 and Portra 400. It was developed and scanned by the masters at State Film Lab.

Starting in Street Photography

Several months ago, I began to rethink my photography and what I was pursuing as an art form. My passion for photography is storytelling and capturing the beauty in the everyday. After exploring several avenues of photography, I think I am being drawn more and more to photographing in the street.

I would not call myself a street photographer by any means. I merely am trying to document life around me. Now being based in a big city, there is a vibrant street life with something going on at every hour of the day. I started by taking the early bus over to SF and shoot in the early hours of the morning before the work rush.

The first few weeks were building confidence to photograph strangers in the street. Thankfully I’ve had no confrontation yet, lots of confused looks, but no verbal or physical attacks, yet! I know it will come if I continue down this path, but it’s something I’m mentally prepared to tackle. I’m mostly shooting with my Leica and when in tighter spaces like BART I’m shooting on my iPhone.

Shot on iPhone

Shot on iPhone

Shot on iPhone

Shot on iPhone

For now, I’m sticking mostly with black and white film but am trying to think through how I want to tell stories best and right now black and white films makes the most sense. I feel like color may be too distracting; however, I love a good challenge.


Shot on Film - April 2019

I’ve started carrying my Leica M3 around with me everywhere, documenting my personal life and life in Oakland. I think I will continue to create some work around Lake Merritt that will be apart of a much larger body of work that will hopefully tell the story of the ever-changing Oakland, CA. Please Enjoy!