Realm Church

Realm is a church located in the heart of Oakland with a mission to love their community and the Bay Area. They wanted a logo that reflected their mission of God’s love permeating all realm’s of life.

Realm Color Logo for Portfolio.jpg

Logo Variations

Realm Color Logo Variations for Portfolio.jpg
Realm Logo V2 MockUp.png
Realm Color Logo Icon Variations for Portfolio.jpg

Design Process

I started with sketches of the name and this idea of sphere’s that could represent “realm’s” of life and how they all permeate one another. I wanted the icon to be bounded in a box to portray a feeling of being grounded in God. I paired the icon with the Futura typeface to give it a modern look that was easy to read at any distance. Once the sketch was completed it was further fleshed out in Adobe Illustrator and set to several mock-ups to show how their new logo can be used across various print and digital assets.